"Ellen Kosloff is a creative thinker and an efficient and responsible organizer. Ellen not only designed a new kitchen pantry for me, she ordered and installed all the shelving and finished right on schedule. Now, 6 years later, my pantry is still the envy of all my friends. I would recommend Ellen wholeheartedly; she is a gem."

Lyn K.
Kent, NY

I engaged the services of Ellen for the sole purpose of helping me with my paperwork at home as well as organizing a home office. What resulted was a perfectly organized home office with files, supplies and equipment laid out for me. It is unbelievable how much was done in only a few hours. I would highly recommend Ellen for all of your organizational needs, she know how to get the job done."

Alan S.
Mahopac, NY

"Things had just gotten out of hand since the arrival of our child, and the disorganization was starting to impact the quality of our day to day lives. Ellen really helped me to view the organizing in manageable chunks. Frankly, I had been a little skeptical about an organizer but she was there to help me through every step. Ellen provided us with wonderful solutions-- talk about getting your money's worth!"

Jen W.
New York, NY

"Thanks so much for all your help! You have such great skills for organization and helping the client to feel at ease. Thanks so much."

Brenda B.
Bronxville, NY

My office was so cluttered I was having trouble finding my seat and desk. I hired Ellen to help me slay the clutter monster. She came, she saw, she conquered. She quickly evaluated my space and developed a plan for what should go where. She supplied and installed a storage system in the closet and a rack system for the computers, and together we sorted, filed and tossed the trash. The result was an office that was a pleasure to work in. Ellen is a pleasure to work with, self-starting, goal-directed, fast and capable. I'd hire her again (and again, and again).

Ed K.
Kent Lakes, NY