Tell & Show ....Where You Are, Where Do You Want to Go, Why?
(1 - 3 hours)

This process is to identify issues and why they exist (and it's NOT because you did not get the 'organizing gene!). This step is clarifying the issues, what the frustrations are, what you have tried and why it did not work. A plan is put together including time estimates. You can then choose to work on your own or schedule the "hands-on" session with Ellen.


Roll Up the Sleeves & Get You Where you Want to Go
(Project time estimates will vary)

Most people try to start on their own, but typically get frustrated and 'paralyzed' by the clutter at some point. Ellen will work using a methodical approach, helping you get through the decision making process and avoid pitfalls to keep moving forward.

Projects may only last one session, others go longer. Options are discussed to come up with the best approach.


The hybrid option. Both steps above are combined into a single 6-hour session. Select what part of your home or office is bothering you the most and get help moving the project forward. Side by side 'speed organizing' is done, advise offered and resources provided to makes changes quickly. Try additional work on your own, and if need be, additonal 4 hour blocks can be scheduled later.


Tweaks, Upgrades, Adjustments
(Minimal...Times will vary)

Once organized, changes sometimes occur in life that necessitate adjustments; perhaps a new job, a new baby or a household move. By investing the time to make the necessary changes, the systems are tweaked to meet the new circumstances.

Or the client decides that they want to go deeper into their existing systems, perhaps streamline and simplify even more. Ellen can quickly work with the established systems to help the client move to the next level.

Not sure about moving forward?

Ask yourself the following questions.
The answers can help you take (or not ) that first step.

  • What would you do if you were better organized?
  • Are you spending too much on repeat purchases and late fees?
  • What is your time, your energy and your sanity worth?
  • Are you really ready to get organized, or is someone imposing that on you?
  • Is now the right time for you to get started? Why?

Please contact Ellen to talk it through any project.