Ellen Kosloff, CPO®, founder of Ellen Kosloff, Inc., has been dedicated to helping clients organize their lives since 2001. Clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, health care providers, stay at home parents, seniors, teens and children.

As premier Professional Organizer consulting service, Ellen Kosloff, Inc. is dedicated to providing ideal organizing solutions for clients in:

the New York Hudson Valley
and New Jersey.

Ellen's exceptionally strong assessment skills help clients articulate their frustrations. Once the issues are identified, multiple solutions are presented to determine the best approach. Actual hands-on organizing sessions then begin with Ellen and the client working together. The ultimate goal is to create systems intuitive and easy to use for the client and NOT be dependent on the organizer.

Ellen says:

"The biggest issue I have come across is dealing with a client's embarrassment and paralysis caused by the clutter. It takes tremendous courage to bring a organizer into one's most vulnerable spaces. I respect someone willing to take that first step. In turn, the client appreciates not being judged for their current circumstance.

"There are absolutely no cookie cutter solutions. Imposing the same remedy on different people does not work. Solutions must reflect the client, not the organizing consultant.

"Each individual is unique...that has to be respected & celebrated!"

The Top reasons a professional organizer is hired:

  • Too much clutter
  • General disorganization
  • Difficulty determining what to keep and/or discard
  • Difficulty finding things
  • Selling a home or moving

Why hire a Professional Organizer?

  • To finally take control of your surroundings, time and things
  • To have a non-judgmental, professional  expert as your advocate
  • To alleviate the emotional and financial stress